Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Shimokitazawa One Night Stand - S.O.N.S. (S.O.N.S.)

Title: Shimokitazawa One Night Stand
Artist: S.O.N.S.
Label: S.O.N.S.
Cat Number: SO-03 JP-NS
Genre: Techno

1: A New Life (Planet Earth Mix)
2: Reversed Skies

It takes a while to get going, the beats not properly coming in until around the halfway mark, but while its worth the wait it would have been nice had they come in a couple of minutes sooner. ‘A New Life (Planet Earth Mix)’ feels hoisted by its own petard.  Analogue acid and breaks from pre-Cambrian rave get some momentary traction and disappear, the desired ambience fading more quickly than a mayfly’s life. ‘Reversed Skies’ is similarly frustrating. Clocking in at ten minutes long, two more than track one, its elemental power could have been so much more effective had a little more happened along its length. These are two interesting compositions, and are magnificent mixing fodder, but they don’t justify the hype.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Range of Regularity Remixes 1 - Samuel Rohrer (ArjunaMusic Electronic Series)

Title: Range of Regularity Remixes 1
Artist: Samuel Rohrer
Label: ArjunaMusic Electronic Series
Cat Number: AMEL-EP716
Genre: Minimal

A: Uncertain Grace (Vilod Remix)
B: Lenina (Ricardo Villalobos Remix)

Minimal still divides people. It’s all about the groove and ride, but so much of it descends into self-indulgence that it can be difficult to see a beginning and an ending. It often lacks muscle, too frequently spiraling up its own spiral sphincter of linear monotony. Heard out, it needs more stamina, in isolation more flourishes. I generalize inasmuch as I believe it’s often one person’s word against another in such circumstances and there’s a time and a place for everything. The Vilod remix of ‘Uncertain Grace’ falls into the category I like; it has drive, a purpose and versatility. It’ll soak up anything layered with it and peak at the right moments. Stepping away from Max Loderbauer, Ricardo Villalobos interpretation of ‘Maria’ is in a category all of its own, and while you won’t catch me dancing to it, I may read a few Edgar Allen Poe poems to its accompaniment.

Saturday, July 08, 2017

Elevation EP - Ohm & Kvadrant (Kontakt Records)

Title: Elevation EP
Artist: Ohm & Kvadrant
Label: Kontakt Records
Cat Number: KNT-1
Genre: Techno

1: Ejer
2: Laki
3: Laki (Octal Industries Remix)
4: Yding

There’s nothing I like better than muscular, dubby beats pounding out through a pair of speakers. ‘Ejer’ is one such beast; solid and uncomplicated, with barely noticeable sonic flourishes, volume is its driving force. It’ll sound great either side of your favourite JT Zeiter track. Mind you, so will ‘Laki’, a track characterized by synth washes and rim shots; not a familiar combination, but devilishly effective here. The Octal Industries remix does little, save add a plodding beat over the top and feels lazy. Said beat acts as a brake on the backing track and creates friction. ‘Yding’ is light and airy, and in keeping with the other original offerings on this EP; it goes down the dub route deliberately, and contains a slight whiff of Augustus Pablo.